Lloyd gets present for each of his birthday. On the 12th, his father gave him a tiny glass globe of Beach World. The next year, he gave him the real world out of earth. It’s small that he can finish circling in a week. He let his son lives alone there. And at the 14th birthday, Lloyd receives companion: a pair of parrot and a girl android. He’s so happy that they will erase his loneliness. So, he decides to gift them “friendship”. However, Sarah is not as innocent as he thought. As a cute doll, his previous owner has manipulated Sarah to do crime. Even now she’s asked to take valuable goods from Lloyd’s mansion.

First thing that come up to my mind is what a terrible parent leaving a 13 years old boy in an isolated planet by himself. Though everything goes smooth for him, he must be very lonely. But, I really like it that Lloyd could make his best to learn mature way of thinking. He understands what’s his father intention throwing him into this small world. Ah, everything is so easy when you try to understand people, right?

This is a rare project by Vagrants Scans since they say they don’t like shojo. Lol.

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