Bloody Cross

Tsukimiya and Hinata are Angel Mix-Bloods (Half Vampires). Their job is to extinguish demon. They suck their blood to have their information. Angel uses the, even demon disgraces them.

Having such a blood is a curse. That’s why they need to find God’s Book of Prophecy to undo the curse. It’s been half a day since that book appeared and everyone seem to set their eyes on that. Whoever gets the power may be able to do magnificent thing. While Tsukimiya & Hinata make filthy agreement of dividing the book power, demons are everywhere sticks their nose into them.

I sense a lot of distrusters in this manga. I think that’s the main idea. Even though Tsukimiya and Hinata are both in the same boat, they just can’t believe in each other’s words. They are always scared of being betrayed so they can rest assured.

Well, demon slaying thing is nothing new, right? Reading this makes me feel like reading one of Dan Brown’s novels (not that I like them) with bad artwork. It’s boring, you know. I’m so sick of vampire and prophecy *don’t mind me, I don’t like trends*

sample page:

Please visit Vagrants Scans to download this manga.

My Rating:


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