Hikari and Atsuya are finally dating. Atsuya’s brother, Hiro, is Hikari’s childhood friend who also has a crush on her. As best friend, Hikari always encourage Hiro to talk about his love life, never understand that she’s the object if his affection. So, on the night eve, Hiro lied to Atsuya saying that their date was delayed one hour. In the mean time, Hiro would confess his feeling to Hikari. But, when Hiro meets Hikari, they receive shocking news: Atsuya is died from car accident.

2 years after that, Hiro wakes up in strange room with animal mask on his head. A man died in other room, while 8 other people gather and pronounce the beginning of JUDGE!

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Thrilling? Of course! This is another death game story from Tonogai Yoshiki sensei. If you like Doubt, then this one might suit your taste. Well, at least, sensei gives more background exploration, so we’re having a slight of idea why is this happening.

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