Amano Taira (15) is always worried. Worried about his height which only 155cm, worried about his place in the family where nobody looks like him and worried that Ichinose hates him. Well, he’s in the age. Though he’s that small, he’s good as basketball. People always make him inferior, but somehow he needs to show how good he is.

I seldom think about man’s feeling. They say that men are more sensitive than women, but they just can’t express it well. It makes me sad to think that a boy cares so much about his appearance. It’s less a man, right? However, when you are teenager, it’s forgiven.

I don’t understand the meaning of PPOI, yet, but nothing attracts me in this story. It’s just a shojo manga with too much dialogue and the character drawings are hard to distinguish. When something so deep like inferior feeling expresses with too many words, it loses the meaning. The way Yamazaki sensei describes Taira’s mental health doesn’t impress me much. At least, this story is easier to understand for younger reader. *can’t believe that it’s still ongoing after 27 volumes*

So, I think this manga only worth:

You can download this manga from Aku Tenshi or JanimeS


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