Mishounen Produce

Two best friends, Kakou & Kousei) come from their small village to Tokyo. To adapt with the modernity, Kakou decides to change Kasei’s look. Her manual is the legendary comic character, Lawrence (think about the prince in Candy Candy, Anthony!). And it works! Girls love Kousei’s elegant look. But, in front of Kakou, he is still the same lame village boy. When Kousei gets more famous as he recruited by model agency, Kakou starts feeling left behind.

Well, aren’t we all doing many things to get along? Following the current trend, going to all funky places. Most of them are not our style, but that’s the cost of having friend. Is it? If I take a look back in my junior days, certainly there was something like this. But, I was a trendsetter. I was a top student, so people came to me. Of course they just want to borrow my note or get a cheat on the test (baka naa). I don’t remember following their style, they followed me. It’s just because I never want to be someone else. Hey, hey…enough talking about me.

Let’s get back to the manga. The drawing is clear and beautiful. Some parts remind me of Candy Candy and Rose of Versailles.  It’s quite cute and the story could keep me reading.

Please visit Aerandria for the latest scans.

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One thought on “Mishounen Produce

  1. Love this manga!!! Anyone know how can i send fan letter or email to the author of this manga??
    First time doing it!!! ^^

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