Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi (14) was hit by a car. And he died. Well, this should be a good news, since he’s notoriously known as trouble maker. Wherever he goes, people think that he fight with someone. When he sat on school yard, the teacher thinks he’s smoking. Good thing that he died, right?

But, when he becomes ghost, he sees his mother and his childhood friend, Keiko, cry for him. It feels hard to leave life. Moreover, he died for saving someone’s life. That’s something nobody expect him to do.

The shinigami who picks him, Botan, says that there may be something he can do. Enma sama has decides to give him second chance. Yusuke is given assignment to grow a seed. If it grows with good deed, it would become a good nature and Yusuke would be alive again. But, if he raised it with evil way, it’d become monster and eat the ghost.

Find the scanlation at rycolaa and Blackout & Null

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