K Clan is well known for their medical ability. For generations, they succeed bringing out the best medical service. One of the famous doctors from this family was called dr.K. One day he was accused for doing malpractice. He disappeared after that incident. Then, Kei, his sister, notifies that he’s already dead.

But, there is a mysterious doctor in an isolated village that has the same talent as the prodigy doctor.  Kenta Tominaga, a young doctor assigned in that village, witnesses the true power of K clan’s surgery ability. The guy calls himself K. However, he doesn’t have practice license, so he stays in shadow and only treats people in the village. What a waste actually, because there are many bigger cases that need his care outside the area. Kei encourages K to work in the city. The world is about to see the skill of dr.K’s new generation.

Unlike many other medical story, this one focuses on K’s mystery more that his ability of doing surgery. Doki doki desu nee?

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