Animal Sense

The first time Fuzuki realizes her power was in third grade. She can get into animals and use their senses. Nobody believes her, of course. Except Sou, her neighbor, who’s now working as dog trainer. When Fuzuki sees pickpockets taking a woman’s purse, she gets into her dog and chases them. It’s hard to believe, but it works.

However, this talent drives her to bigger problem. When she follows her classmate, Kurosawa, she smells something fishy. And now it’s too late to get back, they’re already stuck in a dog kidnapping drama.

The idea is great. I read about human can turn into animal, or human who has animal instinct, but this is the first time somebody write about getting into animal’s body. It’s like her soul posses the animal (if we’re talking about human, I’d be freak out reading my own line back The story is efficient, as you expect from Maekawa sensei. And there’s no Chinmi in this manga..ha ha

My rating:


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