Ohagi Number One

Rika is afraid of dogs. But, her parents bring home Ohagi, a Shepard dog. Ohagi is an active and brave animal. He likes teasing Rika who always screams seeing him. Rika is now assigned to take care Ohagi if she wants to keep her allowance. It sucks, right?

But, thanks to that, Rika can get along with Yamamoto, her love target. Yamamoto loves dog and even dream of becoming a vet.  However, he  grows too much fond of this anime to the point Rika gets jealous of her own pet.

It’s just a story about ordinary life day. I’m not a dog lover, neither I’m having a pet. but I love the way Komuro sensei describes the development between Rika and Ohagi.

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11 thoughts on “Ohagi Number One

  1. hi…
    im indonesian people..
    I luv reading comic
    n I really like the story from ohagi number one’s comic..

    In indonesia, this comic is released until volume 2 and I still waiting for new volume
    I don’t know exactly in japan, maybe this comic has been released more than volume 2

    please tell me how much the series for this comics..

  2. well, so far this series has reach 4th volume. Not really sure that it’s still on going or not.
    Please keep in touch, sari-san.

  3. Hello!
    Im indonesian .
    I just want to ask you something.
    Can you tell me the detail of dog type? I mean Ohagi . ^^

    Thenksalot, Sakuramochi

  4. hello, I already found that dog!
    it is sheepdog. you can search from Google.
    I want to ask you something, did you know where can I read Ohagi online?
    Thanks, before Sakuramochii :j

    1. yokatta.
      About the scanlation, well…apparently the scanlation is not available at the moment. Let’s just hope somebody take the project.

  5. Hi….
    I’m also Indonesian…
    I love anime and manga.. + I love dogs… ^_^

    I’ve read ohagi number 1 until vol. 4…..
    is there a vol 5 yet???

    ,,,,, =3

  6. Hi..
    i’m also Indonesian..
    i very like this comic and i very like dogs^^

    I’ve read ohagi number one until vol.4 and i have this comic..
    is the end of this comic just until vol.4????
    thank you ^^

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