Fairy Tail

In the era where magic plays the main part of human kinds, magician works arranged by guild. Among those guilds, Fairy Tail is the most popular one. Not only because of their magician’s skills, but also by the damage they cause.

Lucy reads all about magnificent works of those Fairy Tail members in sorcerers weekly. She always want to be part of the team.

On a harbour team, she meets a fake salamander wizard. This guy uses love charm to captivate women. He would sell those victims if only Natsu didn’t show up. Natsu is the man who saved Lucy from the charm. He looks lame and can’t stand travelling with vehicles. Yet, his undependable appearance has covered his true strenght.
For years, Natsu has been trained by Igneel, the Dragon to master the ancient dragon slayer magic. That’s why fire doesn’t hurt him. He can change the quality of fire coming out from every part of his body.
Natsu takes Lucy to Fairy Tail. And this is where their journey begin.
This manga is available for download at i eat manga

It’s funny and smarter than Rave.

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5 thoughts on “Fairy Tail

    1. it so much look like One Piece. but I think this one’s better than Mashima sensei’s previous manga, Rave Master. he improves!
      Anyway, perhaps you can take a look of Fairy Tail’s anime.

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