Haru ni Mau Yuki

Yoshikiri and Yume met in hospital when Yoshikiri got accident and broke his foot.  He had such a bad mood but Yume patiently helped him through his pain. It’s annoying for him, before he knows that this nurse suffers serious illness. The disease would cause her blind in few months.

Yoshikiri is touched by the energy she gave him. They starting to date. They even promise to see fireworks before Yume lost her sight. But, on the promised day, Yoshikiri didn’t come. He never came again.

What happen? Feeling bertrayed and broken hearted, Yume continues her life with lack of trust for love. However, the truth is…

I always love Yukari Kawachi sensei’s work. It’s sweet and melancholic. This story makes me cry, no matter how many times I read it again and again.

My Rating:


3 thoughts on “Haru ni Mau Yuki

  1. Hello again!><

    I want to ask, where can I download this manga?
    Could you give me the site too? Please…
    I really love sad but sweet manga.

  2. Hello, saki san
    I’ve been looking, but no matter how hard I tried, there’s no single group picking the project yet. I hope somebody do that soon. let’s just wait

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