Heart no Ousama

Yui, 23, a teacher. Sakimoto, 28, sales manager of a music store. They’re just happen to love next door. Yui’s delicate and lovable character soon attract Sakimoto. Yes, he is a man full of ego. He never says how much he wants her, but when Yui calls he comes as soon as possible. He does know how to get a girl’s heart.

This is an adult love story. Though it doesn’t show sexual graphic (and that what makes it mature), it touches so deep inside me. I mean, when we’re older we tend to rely on gesture, than on words.


Yay! Finally, Aerandria picked this project. Come and get it!

I love Yoshino sensei’s work. I give it


3 thoughts on “Heart no Ousama

  1. me, too! I’ll keep digging, girls. I’ll inform when I found the link, but it doesn’t seem like any group taking this project yet.

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