Tokyo Angels

3 orphans are recruited to bring peace in Tokyo. They are Mai who’s good at cooking; Mei, the muscle; and Yui who can make many accessories.

Together, they live in downtown house and try to keep the ends meet. They’re gal. So, they have to manage the budget well so they still have enough for their fashion.

Daddy (their employer) always give them order through unusual method. And just like the famous Charlie’s Angels, they’ll kick everyone who creates misery in this city.

The manga is not very interesting because it’s similar with Gal (the other manga created by Fujii sensei). All the characters resemble that one. And it bores me.

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4 thoughts on “Tokyo Angels

  1. I was wondering where you found the manga, I’ve been looking for it for a while now because I’m a fan of Gals. Is it worth a go?

    1. I found it on rental books.well, if you already read Gals, you probably disappointed with this. I believe that this manga was created based on Gals (*Gals was published in 1999, while Tokyo Angels came out at 2006*).

  2. Wow..
    I haven’t read the manga before..
    Could u tell me which character are similiar to Ran, Miyu, Aya, Rei, Yuuya, even Mami-rin?
    I’m so curious ><
    Thank you ^^v

    1. Well, the characters are resembles a lot. You see, Mei is as tough as Ran. Yui is as cute as Miyu and Mai is as glorious as Aya. There are also 2 cute guys (Rei and Yuya…geez I forget their names on this manga). Their characters are exactly the same as Rei and Yuuya. One is cool and the other one is crazy about Mei. But, it’s a quite short manga, there’s no Mami-rin (gome ne)

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