Harutaka Kato is a fresh meat with numerous sport records. He has been in many clubs before, but never consistent doing particular sport. Now, on his first year at high school, many clubs try to invite him. yeah, he gets so many offers and gifts as well.

When Hisataka meets that cute volley ball manager, Maiko, he once again thinks that he’s needed. Maiko asks him to join the team after seeing his powerful jump. Maiko says that the club really need him as Super Ace. However, the team already have Kaneko Yuta, the genius setter. Harutaka becomes jealous because of lack of attention. He challenges Yuta and ends by his lost. The consequence is that he has to stay at volleyball club for the rest of his school day.

It’s funny and interesting. I just read the 3rd volume and I think I’ll be reading it till the end (10th volume).

My Rating:


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