A girl always want to feel pretty. That’s why we go shopping, and go to salon. But, for a homebody type, it’s not easy to do. This is how Yuki feels.  She watches people walking out pretty all around but doesn’t have any idea how to change her appearance.

She often walk out of the clothes shop buying nothing because she can’t decide which one is good for her. Thank God she has Koudai. He’s Yuki’s childhood friend. Though he always treat her like a child, Koudai is always taking care of her. Is this a feeling of a brother or something else?

I love this romantic story. Girls do like making things complicated. It’s all about appearance. We spend so much time wandering to find the right style. But, cute girl looks cute even though she doesn’t make up.  And love can create the feeling of cuteness. As long as there’s only 1 person who think she’s cute, it’s enough.

You can find this manga at aerandria

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