Toshokan Sensou: Love & War

Taken from novel, this manga is visualized well. The idea is rare and it’s interesting.

Kasahara Iku met her prince a few years ago. She was going to bought a forbidden book, when that guy saved her and the book. Since that, she’s been longing to be a librarian.

This is the era when Government put many strict rules to control media freedom. Books that considered out of order would be taken and demolished. Library is the only unit that able to stop Mass Media Correction Committee from sweeping away those precious books.

There are 2 kinds of division in Library unit: Librarian and Defense. Since her prince said he was in Defense division, Iku choose to follow him. But, it seems like it’s going to be hard to find him. Right now, Iku has another problem to deal. Instructor Dojo pays too much attention for her. He always piss her off, even though he’s shorter than she is. Because of that, Iku tries hard to proof herself so she is invited in Special Force Unit.

The drawing resembles my favorite Shiawase Kissa San choume. It’s definitely a romantic story.

Download is available at Forbidden Garden

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