Shinrei Tantei Yakumo – Akai Hitomi wa Shitte Iru

| Mangaka: Kaminaga Manabu / Miyako Ritsu
| Release: 2009
| Status: Complete 2 (volumes)
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Saito Yakumo is just a lazy careless guy who can see spirits. He stays in Movie Research Associate Room. When Haruka Ozawa comes to ask help, he does feel disturbed. Though he likes being cynical, he’s actually a good person.

Haruka’s friend, Miki is in trouble. A few days ago, Miki and her friends went into an old building. It’s creepy and now she’s possessed. Yakumo and Haruka should figure out the reason behind it. It seems like the ghost is trapped in that building, killed without none knew. The duo should reveal the murder before she can be free. Can they do it?

The art is cute and soft. The characters are also very human. I love it.

You can download it from Loyal Kiss .

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