Junjou Karen na Oretachi da!

What I am today is because you’re here

Akira and Katta have been longin to find their place in volley. They’re strong, but nobody seems to let them expose the power. They just saw them as naughty and rebellious kids. That’s why they’ll be graduating without any recommendation letter.

But, it doesn’t matter. Akira and Katta can find their own place. First, they try to enter Seiryoh. It’s one of the 4 strongest team in the nation. Akira’s stubborn and Katta’s lack of  emotional restrain don’t fit the team. They are kicked right away.

Akira and Katta, then, choose Johnan, a governmental school club which succeed tackling Seiryoh last year. But, what welcome them here? The team is full of desperate people who had been defeated for 34 times in a row. That’s  sad. But, Akira and Katta are sure they can change everything. However, they have to get along with the rest of team first. Can they do it? Will they find their perfect place?

I love Nishiyama sensei’s work, but this one is too short. Only 3 volumes length. Too bad, she can explore more about this like the way she worked on Dragon Voice.

Download is available at Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlation

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