Ban Shogo is an arogant college student whom sent to Trattoria, Tokyo, to help. That place is one of the famous Italian restaurant in the city. Ban is confident that he can satisfy the chef with his skill. But, that’s not the way the story goes. Those chef’s skills are amazing. They act quickly and they serve better food Ban could never imagine before.

Instead of being a helper, he ends up being a nuisance. However, Ban soon realizes that he has to change his attitude. One’s success depend of his attitude, right? He starts to learn many things here.

I watched the dorama long before I know that it came from a manga. This is not about food, it’s only about self centered Ban. The drawing is quite dark and harsh. There are so many shading that resemble murder scenes (ha ha I love murderous story). It would be better to watch the dorama than reading the manga. Furthermore, it’s Matsujun who played the main character. I’m not a fan of him, but he’s quite cute (at that moment).

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