Itsumo no Misora

6 children and a cat were caught in a fire accident at a temple. They managed to rescue a sacred box.  God promised to give the present on their 13th birthday.

Years later, they reunite in Rental Club. It’s a club consists of competent people who rent their participation in other club. They can’t wait to get the gift. Misora is the first who receive the present. She is now able to move thing without touching it for 5 cm far. Her cat, Bake, who celebrates his birthday the next day, has the ability to talk like human.

Miyako can predict future once a day. Kasuga can find thing under radius 300 m. Ryu can see someone’s wife for the next 3 years. Munakata can find metal. He use it to find money in the sand, but he can only collect coins. And the last one is Kouta who can teleport.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only one blessed with the super power. Nogami brothers are having it too, only they’re using it for their personal satisfaction. They even hurt people. This is the enemy Misora and her friends should fight!

Well, it’s Adachi Mitsuru’s work. It’s pretty short for me.

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3 thoughts on “Itsumo no Misora

  1. i think adachi`s work is something that remains in years… i start reading manga because of him just last year… i don`t care if it`s from the 50s!!!

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