imperfection is the true beauty

Homare is only a victim. Since her parents can’t pay their debt to Mr. Ichinokura, they leave her in his care. However, the only people happy about this arrangement are Mr. Ichinokura and Homare. The 3 sons of Mr.Ichinokura are against it.

Homare is out of their taste. She’s also clumsy and careless. Moreover, she had a crush on Masamune, the first son. Homare can sneak into his bed.  She also try making breakast for Masamune, only it ends with kitchen explosion. hua ha ha

Masamune: Ok, I forgive you
Homare: Really?
Masamune: I’ll try to forget what happen this morning
Homare: Ja, let’s kiss


This is the typical manga from Morinaga Ai sensei. I can’t stop laughing. I like this homare girl. Even though she’s clumsy, she’s a bright student. Nobody’s perfect, right?

You can download it from ochibichan

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