Goushitsu no Jinco-san

Jinco has an ability to see ghost. Ghosts are coming to see her just to talk about their problem. It’s become so natural that Jinco never bothered to see them. Her fans are increasing from time to time. They even help her in her mission. The one who always take care of her is Fukumimi. Jinco doesn’t know that spirit’s name, so she call him as she seen his big ears. Fukumimi resembles that great great grandfather of her. I think you can call him the protecting spirit.

She also has another amazing ability: eating much. How much is too much? You should ask her mother who always complain that the monthly allowance is never enough to fulfill her daughter’s. Hearing that, Jinco decides to take part time job. She can’t be dieting right? She needs energy after seeing so many spirits.

Despite of the theme, this is a very cute manga. I think it’s because of the drawing. It’s very…shoujo: cute and clear. The story is so funny because Jinco take everything so natural. This is the kind of book I want on my bookshelf.  Furthermore, it’s only 3 books long!

My rating:


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