Yowamushi Pedal

Sakamichi Onoda is just an otaku. When he enters highschool, he hopes to join the anime club. Unfortunately, due to the lack of member, that club has been dismissed. In order to bring back the club alive, Onoda starts asking people to join.

One day, he gets a challenge from a cool guy named Imaizumi. He saw Onoda rode his bike on that up step road. It’s not easy to do, but Onoda looked so natural doing it. He actually had been doing it since he was at 4th grade.  Along with Mamachari –a bulky bicycle with a step-he comes to akiba every week. The road is the shortcut to Akiba, the nirvana for an otaku like him.

Imaizumi tells Onoda that if he won the race, he would join the anime club. And the cool guy is surprise to see Onoda can catch him!


Not a very cute manga, because the drawing is suck. But, the story is cool. Too bad no group has taking it into translation. I guess we just have to wait.

My Rating:



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