Neko Mix Genkitan Toraji

Ever since the first mouse appeared in full moon 2000 years ago, many animals had been turned into new breed human-animal mix. Toraji is one of them. He used to be Rio’s pet. When Magic Mouse took Rio, he also turned Toraji into cat mix.

Pai Yan, Rio’s father, is one of the 7 heroes who had been fighting mouse for years. When he found out that his son is kidnapped, Pai Yan travels to find the Magic Mouse.

Adapting to be human is not easy for Toraji and Pai Yan. Pai Yan is always angry when Toraji acts like cat who always sleep and let his fur everywhere. On the other side, Toraji doesn’t like to be human. He scares when Pai Yan yells at him.

However, the journey gives both of them lesson. Pai Yan learns how to take care of a son, something he never done before. That’s why his wife left because he never come home. While Toraji starts learning how life would be if he had a father (like Pai Yan?).

You can download it from storm in heaven

I actually doesn’t like Tamura Yumi sensei for her dark scary drawing. But, I can’t stop reading her work. I follow 7 Seed (Oh, please finish it before you start another story!!) and now this Toraji. There’s something magic in the way she tells story.


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