Seigi Keikan Monju

monjuMonju is a sophisticated robot who used to be assigned in Tokyo. After the second generation of his type released, Monju is transferred to a small town. It makes him depressed, because he used to be an elite cop. He has no idea what to do here. The citizens are afraid of his look, kids bullying him and his partner is total jerk. Even so, that playboy partner, Junpei Yamagishi, tries many things to help Monju get along with the citizens. He lets Monju play the hero part rescuing those bullying boys and accompanying the elders on Tokyo trip. Monju’s presence is gradually accepted.

Everybody needs to feel that they’re useful. If not, they’d be depressed. I think I understand what Monju feel. I mean, all those tactical weapon of him could not be used in small town, right? He’s getting rotten. Ha ha ha
Despite of the robot typical theme, this manga is very human. You’ll love it!


My Rating: chick327


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