Keppeki Shounen Kanzen Soubi!

super cleanSata Senda has a serious problem with cleanliness. You can call him Mr. Super Clean. He isolates himself from other member of his class just to make sure he gets away from dirt. He protects his body with mask, gloves even plastic shelter. Yeah, he needs help.

For Aiuchi, Senda is a cool guy. He’s gentle and care. He even remembers that Aiuchi is easily getting sick riding bus. For that girl, it’s attractive! She smiles at him like a sun to the earth and it opens Senda’s heart. Even just a little step, he lets her touch him. Wow, that’s an achievement, right? Thanks to that, others are coming to get closer. Senda’s friends are increasing.

Just because you don’t understand him, it doesn’t mean he’s difficult. You just need to get closer to know deeper. I know what we see sometimes fool us, so it’s hard to believe that easy. Though the story is over reacted, but I always like phobia theme.

Touya Tobina sensei may not the best drawer in the world, but she tries her best to visualize this abnormal behavior well. The lines are soft but confident. The background is also composite well. So, it’s ok for me!


You can download it from Karma Falls Scanlation


My rating: chick327


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