Badminton Girl

badmintonAsahi is in dilemma. She’s not good at neither sport nor team work. She tried joining volleyball team, but it seems that her pace disturbs others. Umi, her best friend, asks her to join badminton club. Asahi hesitates, thinking that she might cause trouble to other members. But, during a match when Asahi asked to substitute the sick member, she shows good talent. The coach thinks she could be a good player, and he’s right. It’s only a month away and now she can challenge Hayakaze Gakuen. Realizing Asahi’s rapid development, Umi is challenged and willing to work harder to improver her skill.

What a great friendship if you can encourage each other to be better and better. The story is so so, though I was hoping some love scenes, but it’s only about badminton. In fact, the friendship smells yuri, as well! hiiiii! Asabuki sensei may have to try mixing many aspects in her future works.

This project is available for download at divine sanctuary and Solelo. Imangascan also doing this project.

My Rating:chick218


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