Neko no Okurimono

What is a cat for a person? People call pet as companion animal,neko which means their existence is more than just being fed. They’re supplement to one’s life. Chiyuki knows that much. She’s been taking care U-chan for 18 years. For all those time, she had been dumped, stressed because of the job and cries. Only U-chan stays by her side. They become depended to each other.

Cat has a dignity. Even though she grows old, she still wants to see the world by herself. Even though she couldn’t hop as high as she used to, she doesn’t lose hope.

Somehow, they’re stronger than we are, human, who always complains of many things, gets down easily and loses hope every time. This is a very nice story. I know that having cat is often assumed to be a lonely woman. Well, girls in this story are lonely, but they just want stable relationship. Cat won’t betray you. Cat doesn’t sleep with another woman and breaks up with you. Right?


My Rating:chick419


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