Hoshin Engi


hishinTaikoubou is a lazy doushi, a sennin student. To encourage him working on his potency, the great Sennin gives him a task. He’s ordered to captivate 260 sennin-doushies who make trouble on earth.

On top of the list is Dakki, a powerful sennin who torments people for her pleasure. She marries Emperor Zhou and captivated him by the Love Spell. He used to be a wise king but now he lets Dakki does all she like. People are suffered and this has to be stop.

Since Taikoubo is very lazy, he intends to attack the strongest first. He thinks that if he caught Dakki, then capturing other sennin would be an easy task. However, Dakki is the Queen of Sneaky. She has many illusions to trouble Taikoubou. Will Taikoubou able to complete the mission?

It’s a very boring story. The drawing is way too out ordered. The character designs are awful and so does the costume. I think Fujisaki sensei fails to visualize the novel into attractive manga. It’s awkward because the real condition and his imaginations seems mismatched. Look at Dakki’s costume. It’s only suitable in Mecha’s manga.

You can find the latest scanlation at snoopy cool

My Rating: chick12


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