i19847Hagiwara Taku and Maki Teruya are just getting start. After 21 years thinking of nothing, now they have to admit reality: people have to work! Taku thinks everything would be smooth with Akane, his girl friend since high school. But, as years changing, Akane gets bored that Taku hasn’t decided the future yet choosing to blame it all to fate. Maki used to be artist but now she’s disappearing from showbiz and tries to have job in financial field. She’s chased by her agency every single day and keeping her as low profile as she can. Those two met on Maki’s film making years ago and now they team up again against the world of job seeking. It’s not easy. There are so many things to prepare before applying and some people just apply without getting answers. Yeah, that happens to those from 3rd quality students (those who go to lower grade universities), like Taku. However, Taku has to take revenge for all the ashamed he had for 21 years of his life…by getting a good job!

Well, the art is out of question and the theme is rare. The drawing is rough and it comes from someone with low confidence.

My Rating:chick218


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