Bloody Monday II

It’s been 2 years since Falcon stopped the terrorist attack in Tokyo. But, the trauma still lies beneath. Fujimaru is working at a café now and never even touch computer. He blames himself for letting so many of his friends died. However, his service is needed now. A plane has been hijacked by two terrorists demanding the release of Hino Alexei, a leader terrorist who’s even more dangerous than Kamishima Simon’s cult. They put the plane into auto pilot and aim it to Tokyo. Can you imagine how many people would die because of that? Third-i thinks that it can be stopped if only they can hack into the system. The only one who can do it is Fujimaru. But, the legendary hacker claim to be dead. Is it true? Can Fujimaru just watch people dying?

The new series is released 6 months after 96 chapters of Bloody Monday. Thanks to many positive response, Bloody Monday is back to amaze us!
Hurry up and visit J.A.C for the latest chapters!

Yay! I was hoping they would make the sequel for the dorama, too. I won’t be tired seeing my cute Haru-chan hacking.

My Rating: chick419


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