Ohitorisama Monogatari

Kuriko Yamanani is a bookstore staff at her 28 years old. Ohitorisama_Monogatari_CoverShe’s single, living alone and always enjoy her loneliness. She follows the same routine every single day: wake up, breakfast, chatting with plants and television, taking train while reading, working, lunch while reading, working again and then going home. The ritual of going home also repeated each day: dash into supermarket, stop at video store, sneak on convenient store (to buy snacks) and got home.

It sounds lonely, said Aya chan, her colleague. Kuriko starts thinking herself as pitiful one. When she walks home that night, she tries eating nabe in a restaurant but everybody eat together. It makes her shy. When she stops by at the convenient store, her favorite pudding is taken away in front of her eyes by other customer.

The conversation with Aya chan is bugging her so she tries calling all her friends, but none at home. Is she really lonely? However, Aya chan calls and tells her how much she thinks about her today. Ha? Kuriko’s starting to feel happy that someone is thinking about her and that she’s not alone.

If you can ignore the lack of background, then this manga is good. I mean, some people can enjoy their time alone. You don’t have to be like any other people just to be happy. You only need to fulfill your needs.
Well, I’m kinda like her too. I like being alone. But, I also like talking about new movies to my friend. And there are plenty of options when I call. If one is not available, there are others I can call.

Download is available at j-sis . You can also get this manga from fairy fly

My rating: chick419


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