Drug On

DRUG-ONA bunch of student is curious to see Dragon’s beak. They say if you go there, all your wishes will be granted. Well, it’s not a normal island. There are monsters inside. That’s what Alice and Kai fight all along. Paul, Lulu and Ian ask Alice to show them the way to the island. Alice, the one who’s weak of the friendship offer, takes them pass the guard straight to island. But, there’s only terror that awaits them there. Lulu is missing and Paul is crush to dead by some kind of monster. Ian is the only survivor, left with a very big curiosity. Exactly what happen in the island?

It actually a good story, but the drawing is so rough. It shows that mangaka probably someone with stiff personality which is unable to act flexible. She’s afraid of making mistake and end up with bad drawing. I feel cheated since the cover is cute!


This project is scanlated by storm in heaven


My Rating:chick218


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