Bokke san

Despite of his ability to move thing, Hinomiya Mitsuru, is just a depressed lonely child you can find anywhere. He barely talks and girls find it cute! He’s always bug by Shijiro Sayu. For Sayu, this boy is a savior. He saved her from broken ferris wheel with his super power.bokke san
One day, they found a little girl covered with blood. She’s chased with an awful creature that already killed her mother. That creature is a bokke san. He attacks Sayu and it drives Hino mad. He suddenly pull all his power and turn into something else. It shocking when the Bokke said, “You are a Bokke-san as well”
What is bokke anyway? It tells in a rumor. They live inside forest that cover the town. They are God’s family.

Awful drawing with good story! I already bore after reading the first chapter.
You can download it Hitsugaara, or Kakashi guy

My rating: chick218


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