Tengoku no Honya

tengoku_02Satoshi is in trouble. He gave up college entrance test and his parents cut off his allowance. He thought he could get a job, but none hire him since he’s bad in customer service. One day, he’s brought by an old man named Yamaki to heaven. What???? It’s the name a book store. Yamaki leaves all the managing thing while he’s out on trip. Satoshi gets information from the cashier named Yui. This IS heaven, a parallel world tied to real world. When people die before they reach 100 years, they would spend their time there. And after that, their memory would be erased and they’d reborn as a child in real world.
It’s hard to believe, but Satoshi can’t go anywhere. So, he stays and even really work in the shop. He starts reading book for children and the number of his listeners keep increasing each day. Somehow, it makes him feel alive!

It’s a very sweet story. One should be given chance before we may condemn him. That’s what I learn from this manga.
You can download this one shot from snoopy cool.

My Rating: chick327


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