Shikkoku no Hana

Shikkoku no hanaKirihara Misaki, the prodigy detective, has to deal with another victim of “the contractor”. It’s new species which derived from human being. It lose emotions and gained special power. Some can’t control the power, we call them “moratoria” and others lose completely in the power, “Dolls”. When they fight each other, normal human may have ultimate effect.
Kirisaki found that the stronger contractor, BK-201 is somehow connected with this case. He’s known as The Dark Reaper. What is he doing here in Tokyo? Can Kirisaki reveals the mystery behind?

Well, it’s kinda creepy, but not as creepy as Gantz, Abara or Domu. You might find it interesting.
Please visit maximum 7 to download this manga.


My Rating: chick327


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