Inu Marudashi

Inu MarudashiBeing a kindergarten teacher is not easy, especially when you have Inu-kun as your student. He hates wearing pants and he always asking weird question. Tamako sensei is already in trouble since her first day. Inu kun was waiting for the school bus with a board sign saying, “Inu 4 years old. I want to find true love.” Yeah, it seems like he watches too many night programs.

Please visit Promfret to download this manga. I don’t think it’s educative enough, but it does show you the abnormality of a child. I’d recommend Yotsuba to or Rento for better view to educate little kids. Inu Marudashi only makes parents and teachers scare that someday they’d find a creature like that. I really think Inu should get some treatment, because it’s not normal to behave so freely at the very young age, right?


My Rating: chick12


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