Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

Naa…I’ve been thinking what’s this manga all about? I know this is not a new manga. I just had chapter 262.

let’s see…

It’s normal that when your son’s grade drop, your mother would call a tutor. But, the one appears in front of Tsuna is not someone who can teach him math. The little creature named Reborn is the famous hitman who would taught him of how to be a great mafia. Yes, there’s no way he can refuse. He’s already absorbed to the cruelest war in the world.

Well, it’s cute. I mean, the drawing. And there are alot of funny scenes, you know I love comedy, right? But, is it too late to start reading?


I eat manga scanlation.

My rating: chick327


What do you think?

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