Kaze no Sylphid

i43750Sylphid was born in Morikawa Ranch in Chiba. It was a hard birth that cost his mother’s life. His mother was a great race horse named Southern Wind. She’s really close to Hayao, the son of the ranch. Hayao lost his mother when given him a birth and now Southern Wind also died, he decide to take good care of the little fairy. Yes, Sylphid means wind fairy, the one who can be so beautiful and strong at the same time.

However, Sylphid was not born perfectly. He gets tendonitis in his front leg. and Hayao’s father decides that it’s impossible for him to be a good race horse. But, Hayao insists raising him as replacement for his best friend, Southern Wind. It must be difficult and harsh, but they have all the love to depend on each other.

Please visit Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations to download this manga. I can’t believe that this manga could make me cry. I guess I was just too sentimental back then. I mean, the art is rough, yet it’s neat, kinda like Hajime no Ippo!. But, the story is touchy. May be it’s just my kind of story.

My rating: chick419


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