Dictator of Love

main_Dictator of loveThere are 3 kings in this school:
First, Tomoyasu Yukishiro, 3rd year. He is a son of the board chief and is called “The Ice King” for being so cold to people.
Second, Ryousuke Shima, the talented painter from 2nd year. He’s genius and yet unpredictable. He looks careless and doesn’t care about his surrounding, that’s why people call him “The Dark King”. Then, the last is Masayuki Hiyoshi the freshman who is as bright as the sun. He’s the high jump star and always friendly. He’s “The Smiling Prince”
The books contains of love story for each bishie. It’s funny and cute. I can’t resist the beautiful art.

First story. Strawberry Syndrome
Ichigo and Masayuki have been friends for 10 years. For all those time Ichigo still think Ma-kun as the bright boy who gave her a hand when she just moved to the city. They’re too close to the point they don’t even realize things are changing between them.
Masayuki is now surrounded by those fan girls and it makes Ichigo feels lonely.

Second story. Totally
Milk Morinaga may be one of the unlucky girls in the world. As amain_Dictator of loven accident took her parents’ life, she also left in debt to pay back the damage of the accident to the village chief. It’s 5 million or she had to marry the chief’s ugly and old son. Oh Noooooooo!
So, Milk goes to Tokyo hoping she could find a way to solve this problem. It’s in the midle of the night when she wanders with no place to go before stepping on someone who lies on the street. That guy is a mess, as well as his house which full of stray animals. He lets her stay and become the maid.

Third story. Romantic Utopia
Anzu dreams of inherit the family business: sentou. She’s very enthusiastic with all the warmness people share in that public bath. That’s why she had no time to hang around after school. That’s why she has no boy friend yet. She wishes of having husband who love sentou as much as she is so that they could hand in hand managing this place.
Sinking in her imagination, she spread water on the guy who passes by. OMG! It’s the Ice King! This is a problem. Rumors said that he hates people. Anzu hopes that the king doesn’t recognize her, but he does!
The king is forced to accept Anzu’s family hospitality as an apology. But, soon the entire family became attracted to him. He’s not like what people said. He’s warm and he wants to be lawyer like his parents hoped. O o…could Anzu falling in love with this guy? It’s impossible to run business with that kind of man right?

This is my favorite story!!

Fourth story.
This is about Anzu’s litle brother Yuzuki who is now an idol. One day, he had a broken bone so he had to be hospitalized. Miyako Horikiri is the nurse assigned to take care of him. She is composed and always calm, unlike any other nurses. The head nurse had her because none other could resist the celebrity aura Yuzuki has.
They are really naive, since Miyako is a big fan of him. She’s trying her best to act professional, but in her heart she wants to recall their first meeting 5 years ago at Yuzuki’s public bath.  Will the idol recognize her again?


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