DesireWhy do people get so attached in online world? They can create the ideal figure for themselves without afraid of being rejected. Yes, people who are afraid of that rejection take away their desire from real world to their own imagination.

Takashi Fujii (27) is a successful employee who graduate from elite university. Failure is out of question for him. Ever since he had the mac, he had been creating his own ideal woman by photo graphic tool. That perfect woman can meet his need without him being hurt.

But, one night, he took a snap on a woman who had the same figure with his design. It seems like the graphic becomes alive. Moreover, that woman is super aggresive. It’s confusing, yet amusing.

This is an adult love story, are you ready for the psychological impact? Please visit bog-rangzen-scanlations to download this manga. PS: Have you notice that I never put 18th rating on my review, that’s all because I assume people who came in are adult. I keep thinking that if I did, wouldn’t it be attracting more irresponsible people? ha ha ha. Just another reverse psychology!

Alternative download: Tarahbee Scan *it seems like Bog Rangzen is currently inactive*.

My rating: chick327


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