To Be

Dreamt of becoming great hair stylist like her mother, Hikari Takaya goes to Tokyo with her boyfriend, Mizushima You. Though they promised to pursue their dream in that big city, You is not accepted in his favorite university, while Hikari is about to start her first year at Hana beauty school. Scattered i4877with those torn dream, You decides to leave Hikari and going back to their hometown.
The breakup does make Hikari down. But, her classmate, Shiga Daisuke, reminds her of her big dream. He’s cool and very nice to her to the point that makes her fallen. Unfortunately, Shiga kun is still have feeling to Miya sensei. How is this love story going? Can Hikari be the hair stylist? You better read it yourself.

The art is beautiful and clean. It would be better if Sakurama sensei developed each character’s background deeply, so the readers can get the whole description. There are also missing scenes, so it looks like we’re reading fast forward story. We need development, right?

You can download this manga from Manga by Request

My rating: chick218


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