Kyoko Karasuma’s case file

Ryoko Karasuma is a prodigy cop who works in Special i66135Force Asakusa Police Department. The division may seem idle since they’re dealing with weird cases, for example, a dead body with horn on his forehead or children taken away by wind.
Kyoko is a diligent one. She keeps chasing the case even though the superior forbids her to reveal those crimes. Some darkness should remain in the dark side, otherwise people would get annoyed. The problem is that the darkness has already reach human’s world causing imbalance. This is something Kyoko can’t her hands off.

Though the idea is amazing, the mangaka fail to deliver a nice plot. There are some missing scenes that look like we’re reading censored writings.  The story goes unbalance, like when we need details, they’re not provided. But, there are parts that prolonged so it makes me bored right away.
It’s bad because the art itself is nothing you can be proud of. It’s better to put a lot effort to make the story telling enjoyable.

You can find this manga on Nibo website or you can check their forum here

My Rating: chick218


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