Karuta i15805is the ancient game of picking cards based on the poem written on it. Basically it is played by two people who try to pick the right card. The fastest the player is, the more chances she/he get to collect the card. Winner is decided by the number of card collected.
Karube Taichi loves this game. He always plays it at night at the game center. Even so, the real game is much more complicated than what he thought. When he accidentally hurt Ono Chitose’s hand, he begins to know more about this game. Ono is the only member of Karuta Club and now that her hand is injured, she has to forfeit her participation on National High School Karuta’s championship. Karube offer to play her substitute. But, it’s not easy to play the real game. Ono has to teach him so many things. However, Karube is a stubborn man and he insists in doing things like he want. Well, let see how he can deal with the Karuta’s player all over Japan!

My rating:chick327


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