Defense Devil

Defense DevilThe banished demon, Kucabara, has been sick of his boring life. He enjoys snapping cases from human world that make his servant, Bichura gets angry. Bichura demands him to collect dark matters so that he can gather his power to get back to demond world once again.

So, here’s the plan: they will persuade sinner to sign contract with the lawyer. This way, Kucabara can suck the sinner’s dark matter. But, instead of pretending to save the dead, they involved in real rescuing those souls. Kucabara and Bichura try to prove the deads innocence by finding them innocent evidences.

The story is original! I love this kind of story. The plot reminds us that we need to have broaden view before judging someone. It makes us wiser, right? Please visit Tenkai, I eat Manga Scanlation or mangahelper to download this manga. You can also get it by torrent from bakabt

huff…I made some wallpapers. I hope you like them.

As the story goes, I found myself attracted to Shugarl. Nande darou ka?

My Rating: chick58


11 thoughts on “Defense Devil

  1. Well,I’ve read this from frim its cool look and found that the story was boring!!

    I wish it will has more action scenes than present.

    1. It’s bad that the manga doesn’t suit your taste.:)
      So, what kind of action manga do you prefer? Bleach? Naruto?

  2. My tastes are Gunslinger Girl,Berserk,Black Lagoon,Sumire 16 / 17 ,Rozario Vampire,aicora ,lovecupid,Angel Heart,Oh! My goddess ,Eumenes,Vinland Saga,Achiarai Junintachi,Vector Case File ,SaruLock,Raiseden Jupiter O.A.,Pumpkin Scisscors ,Dendrobates etc.

    Any interesting?

    1. I’m reading Saru Lock, too! I used to read Gunslinger Girl, but I got bored.
      And what is Pumpkin Scissors? the title is interesting.
      I’ll try to read what you suggest, so we can talk about it later.
      thank you

  3. his contract… is there a way to see what it says?

    I got the title and his name at the begining and his signiture at the end of the first line…

    the background seems to be a 3 eyed skull with spikes coming off it

  4. I loveeeee Defense Devil a lot~
    1 vote from me XD
    especially the latest version of Kucabara wah~~~~
    exciting !!!!
    and if u guys have any color version of the latest version of kucabara

    pls send it to my mail
    i be very greatfull
    Thank you so muchXD

  5. i just started reading this manga last week..and now i’m waiting for new chapters..i like shugarl too! he is just evil and cool..haha..i think he’s gotten kinda nice now..haha..:)

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