Beautiful Boy Story

This is typical Tomoko Hayakawa sensei’s work. You know her, the one who wrote “Yamato Nadeshiko 7 henge” aka “Wallflower” aka “Perfect Girl Evolution” (geez, this manga has so many aliases). Hayakawa sensei does love bishonen. Yeah, she’s one of us. ha ha

Well, I should talk about the story right?
Let’s see, Haru is a big fan of Kiyo, the vocalist of popular band. She even tries to get a job in a music studio where she can see him everyday. But, despite of his sexy voice, sexy body and beautiful look, Kiyo is a rude person. He underestimates Haru and calls her bimbo (poor). Haru feels challenged and make effort to prove her as a competent person.

Yeah…you know how it would last right? Right?

The truth is I only admired Sunako. I think that kind of character is awesome. The originality makes me want it more. But, this manga is just like any other manga. Well, if you like “normal” shoujo manga, you might want to read this.
This is a joint project both Entropy and Shojo Magic. So, make sure you pay them a visit.

My rating: chick218


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