Happy Negative Marriage

Keitarou Satou is a single guy at his 30. His life is stable and he seems hate to take risk. But, on his birthday, her mother arrange a miai for him recruiting his boss as support. Keitarou has no other option but to accept. Marriage is an annoying scene for his casual life. However, it’s very important in many aspect of life. Man with no family is rarely given bigger responsibility. The logic is simple, can a man without a family really manage a project?
Keitarou has no idea about the marriage arrangement, but as soon as he sees the other party’s picture, something is changing. She’s a hottie!!

Whoaaaaaa…his parents are jusy like mine. They grieve over my singleness like I’m a sinner. ha ha ha.  And I’m not even 27!
I love this manga. well, the art is nothing special, but it’s ok. It’s the same mangaka who wrote Nana to Kaoru (SM Diary)

Please visit sukikim scan to download this manga

My Rating: chick327


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