Hajimete no Aku

04The first meeting was horrible. Watari Kyoko woke up with his hands tied and in front of her very eyes stands a spooky man with mask. He turns to be a maniac named Akuno Jiro who was about to mutilate her. But, he’s not a bad guy, just a freak. He actually Kyoko’s cousin. Jiro, his sister and Kyoko’s father are part of evil organization who’s trying to conquer the world. They’re escaping but the cost of that would be their life. Now, that bad mannered boy has to deal with serious Kyoko while staying low to avoid organization’s radar.

Fujiki Syun is the creator of Gamon the Demolition man and now in the year of 2009 (after 3 years out of Sunday), he comes up with another action story. This is definitely a gag manga. It sucks my energy as soon as I got into page 19. But, if you want to read it, be sure to visit Hyena Scans

My Rating: chick12


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