Fly daddy Fly

A man’s worth as much as he can protect his family.  Hajime Suzuki is just a regular 47 years old employee. i6767He’s out of ambition because just by seeing his happy happy family every single day is enough. But, that scene is ruined one night when his daughter Haruka asked to got home late. When he came home, he receives a phone from hospital saying his daughter has been beaten by a boy.

That boy is an elite society member named Ishihara. Born from politician father and actress mother, he is raised to be a winner. He is even a national boxing champion for two years in row.

Hajime feels so weak in front of that boy. But, no matter how he has to protect his daughter. He runs into Ishihara’s school with knife in his hand. Fortunately, he come into wrong school and meets Minakata and his friends who volunteered to help him. First he has to be strong to be able to beat the boxing boy.

Hajime has to work on something he never even imagines before. But, the thought of revenge put all his spirit into the training. Naah, will he be able to make that Ishihara guy  pay back?

What a nice story (*hiks hiks*). I like story about family especially when a father do anything for his child. o yeah, kinda like Nemo, right? ha ha

Please visit Endless Abyss to download this 2-volume manga.

My Rating:chick419


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