AnedokiWhat if a hot chick come to your house and insist of staying? She’s mysterious yet very talented. She can cook well, but she treats Kouta like her own brother. It makes him in dilemma. Can you imagine a 17 years old girl with big breast asking you taking a bath together? Hey, Kouta may be just an middle school student, but he’s still a man…no a boy, right?
This comedy manga is written by the same mangaka who wrote Hatsukoi Limited. So, you don’t have to worry about the art quality.

You can download it from imangascans


My Rating: chick327


4 thoughts on “Anedoki

  1. People in my country,Thailand said that this manga worth for reading but I denied.

    This manga just have the same sense of the last one with thesame author. [Strawberry…]

    Do you think so?

  2. well, this is not my favorite either though the art is cute. I’m actually a shonen fan not shojo. lol.
    And I haven’t read Ichigo 100% yet. I’ll look for it after this.

  3. Initially I thought this was going to be a rehash of Ichigo 100%, since Natsuki is drawn very similarly to TouJou Aya from Ichigo100%. I have been very pleasantly surprised, and I am really enjoying this Manga.

  4. to me anedoki story line is a bit light…. not like ichigo who can make ur heart pounding very fast,happy,sad and most important is u can feel like u are the main chart “manaka” (ah i just imagine to much). for the character is the best,it so cute and u can stop dreaming if this cutie is ur girl friend.But iam so agree with brian. natsuki is similar to toujo aya, and in certain time u can see is toujo aya but in very reverses attitude.the ending is totally same type like ichigo. becoz when it over u are like ” hey i dont get enough” or “let me know what the main character live the life after this happy ending”….. so i give this manga story line:50% characte:99% ending:70% total:70% 🙂

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